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Track Name: Black Genius
This is the curse of the Black genius
In a world that worship the Black penis
So if you Black it means you should be packing
So either, pack that or pack heat but

The only thing small is of your back
Where you pack
And you never wear backpacks
Unless that sack of weed is
Underneath the
Books from your math class
That you half ass
When you read it

This is the curse of the Black genius
Bilingual by nature see how easily we switch
A pretense so you think us half decent
But the speech you call bad is Black english
Heard through Black folklorist and Black singers
Working to reverse the stories that of the English
Told us when they stole us and we believed it
Planted it so deep in the culture we can't leave it

This is the curse of the Black genius
The hurt of Black teens
The burden of Black leaders
The purposeful subversion of Black achievement
Now we riding dirty swerving off the path that King went
It seems that crack in Black regions
Made that crack in our history that seamless
From marching in Black legions
To "Negro please, I don't wanna hear that Black king shit"

So this is the curse of the Black genius
Ashamed like he covered in Black lesions
Cuz the Blacks he be friends with tease him
So he follow that natural Black sequence
You know those FRESH-men
Who swear they hardcore
Fearless 'cept they scared of being SOFT-more
And that's treason
So he dropped outta high school and never became a Black senior

In more ways than one
Check the pun
Just because he acted like one of his buddies
More like an understudy
But he'd overstudy
Was tryna become somebody
Never fully understood

So this is the curse of Black intellect
The car crash where smart and Black intersect
That interrupts the images that's depicting us
Seen on TV screens, Radio, Internet
But here I am to intervent
Yeah here I am to interject
Cuz yes I am a Black genius
Yes I am a Black genius

Yes I got them Black genes, yes
Black hoodie, Black shirt, and Black jeans, yes
But yes I am a Black Gen-yes!
Yes I am a Black Gen-yes!


Yes I am a Black genius (repeat)